Air Force Pilots Underarm Life Preserver

Air Force Pilots Underarm Life Preserver

Life preserver Model:


Part Number:


General Characteristics:

Specifically designed for Covert (C) operations, combat swimmers and/or maritime airborne ops. Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) during egress from a submerged vessel of any type. Provides independent left and right hand units and can be belt mounted, independently activated. Disposable gas filled cylinder. Reusable welded floatation bladder made from 210 denier nylon. Corrosion resistant: all parts are corrosion resistant in fresh or salt water.


Buoyancy: 70 lbs./30 kgs. 1752 gms .

Inflation System: two 33 gram. CO2 cylinders

Cover Fabric: Cover:300D oxford with PU coating

Chamber: 210D Nylon/0.11mm TPU

Webbing:  ۵-۳٫۷۵-۲٫۵cm Nylon


Minimum buoyancy at surface (Ambient sea water and air temperature 21(°C)

Per unit 18.1 kg

Per system 36.2 kg

Time for inflation:

Actuated in water < 3 sec.

Actuated out of water < 6 sec