Flotation Device for Para motor

Flotation Device for Para motor



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General Characteristics:

This Emergency Flotation Device for Powered Parachutes is designed to provide emergency flotation for ultralight aircraft during an emergency water landing.


Inflated volume:       ۹ cubic feet (510L)

Weight (packed):      ۶٫۵ lbs (2.95 Kgs)

Buoyancy Provided: 500 lbf (228 Kg)

Material:        ۲۱۰D PU coated nylon

Temperature range: -40 to 150 F

Inflation gas: CO2 (1x 440g cylinder)

Inflation Time:          ۲ stage: 30s to 75%, 2-3min to 100%

Activation Method:  Manually, via handle (10lbs force req.)