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Inflatable Stretcher

Inflatable Stretcher



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General Characteristics:

The stretcher inflates instantly using a CO2 cartridge. By inflating the stretcher, it is easy to carry a person with full support to safety. It can also be used as a rest bed for emergency use. The stretcher is an inflatable stretcher ideal for just about any use and situation.


Buoyancy: 70 lbs./30 kgs. 1752 gms .

Inflation System: two 33 gram. CO2 cylinders

Chamber: 210D Nylon/0.11mm TPU

Webbing:  ۵-۳٫۷۵-۲٫۵cm Nylon

Effective Patient Support
The patient is supported and protected from movement by the compression and curvature of the airbags. The result is firm and stable support especially at the head, neck spine and waist.
Compact and Lightweight 
Store in a bag only 30x35x7 cm. Convenient to locate, carry and transport.
Transportation Impacts Reduced 
Impacts and bumps during transport are absorbed by the airbag stretcher and greatly reduced.