Single Person Life Raft

Single Person Life Raft



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General Characteristics:

Designed to be light weight and compact, reaching 450N buoyancy for bladder when fully inflated using cylinder. The Arash Shatin provides and affordable yet high quality option, available in red, black and violet. A special wipe clean option is available for use in heavy duty or unclean environments.



Inflation System: One 290 gram. CO2 cylinders

Chamber: 210D Nylon/0.11mm TPU

Webbing 5-3.75-2.5 cm Nylon


  • Independent single cell configuration
  • ۱ oral inflation tube
  • Neck gusset for chafe protection
  • Fully adjustable for waist/chest size up to 59″
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • Mildew resistant webbing
  • Silk-screened pictorial donning instructions
  • Water activated locator light
  • Flame retardant fabric
  • Plastic storage pouch
  • Silk-screened donning instructions
  • Available in international yellow or orange
  • Donning configurations to meet your specific requirements.