Ballistic Flotation Vest with Water Sensor System

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Designed to be light weight and compact, reaching 150N buoyancy when fully inflated using a 33g cylinder. The Arash Shatin provides and affordable yet high quality option, available in red, black and violet. This lifejacket is compliant to CE standards. The recommended spares are the universal crotch strap and the 33g re-arming pack. A special wipe clean option is available for use in heavy duty or unclean environments.

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Ballistic Flotation Vest with Water Sensor System

Life preserver Model: IRN-NUR-B-P2

Part Number: IRN-BP1

General Characteristics:

This design of floatation vest is with very convenience and high efficiency. The floatation system is installed and integrated all the way around the neck part, and when the user falls into the water, the air will charge automatically. Moreover, it has preliminary inflation system, which means you can pull the strap to charge the air when the automatic inflation system failes. And it provides minimum 150N or 275N positive buoyancy.

And it is very easy to take off this flotation system when use on land.

Here are the specs for the floatation system:

Air Inflation: less than 3S

Floatation time: minimum 24 hours

Floatation loss after 24 hours: less than 5%

Suitable temperature in use: -30 degrees centigrade to +65 degrees centigrade

Additional information

Weight 3 g


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