RF welding and Heat Sealing & Fabrication:
Arash Shatin provides RF welding, HA sealing, and commercial sewing services designed to work with simple to complex product requirements. We can make every product to provide containment, inflation, protection, or a combination of sewing and welding to complete its function. Arash Shatin’s expertise will support your needs, from design and prototyping to full-service manufacturing in one convenient location. 

RF welding and heat sealing Services:
RF welding and HA sealing are processes that have been around for several years. HA sealing is a general production term used to describe a method of combining one or more layers of flexible materials together, using heat and pressure. RF welding provides a similar result but the technology uses electromagnetic energy and pressure to fuse the materials together. The RF Welding and HA sealing processes are the most efficient and effective methods for producing high-quality welded seams on a variety of types of vinyl, textiles, and flexible plastics. For multi-dimensional products, Arash Shatin provides ancillary services such as commercial sewing, material cutting, and finishing.