Our Certificates

Our Type Approval Certificates: CE/GTS/ ICS (IMO/SOLAS)

CE”Attestation of conformity with European directive”

Product Name: Military Inflatable Life vest

Model No: 150N-300N Auto/Manual

Test Report(s): TPGW1409234431

Reference standard:

-BS EN ISO 12402-1:2005

-BS EN ISO 12402-3:2006+A1:2010

(GTS) Shanghai Global Testing Services Co., Ltd.

Certificate: TPGW1409234431

Owner: Arash Shatin co., Ltd.

Product: Military Inflatable Life vest

Models: 150N—300N Auto/Manual Standards

BS EN ISO 12402-1:2005

BS EN ISO 12402-3:2006+A1:2010


This is to certify: Inflatable Life Jacket(Adult)

Reference standard used for product testing:

– MSC70/23/ADD.1, ANNEX 6 / IMO Resolution MSC.81(70)

– ICS” Rules & Regulation ”

Date of issue: 14.01.2018

CE Certificate

GTS Report

ICS Certificate