Flexi Tanks & Flotation
 نمونه نهایی در حالت آبگیری زیر نظر نهاد مرتبط در زمینه استفاده
Aviation & aerospace
Survival & Rescue
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Welcome to our startup ecosystem page

Arash Shatin startup ecosystem is a creative quality provider of RF welding and HA sealing services used to manufacture a variety of products. We offer several innovative welding and sealing processes and finishing options that provide optimum functionality in the design, manufacturing process, and logistics of your products. Our services are used to form an impenetrable bond that weld flexible materials together to create air, gas, and liquid leak-proof seams. Arash Shatin offers a variety of sealing methods that combine materials for connecting oversized panels, and to weld materials together for many types of products. Our main products include a variety of inflatable equipment for Survival & Rescue and Flotation Systems and also, we work on Flexible Tanks, protecting covers, and Firefighting Baskets. Since our establishment, we have been working hard on technological improvement. We believe that quality is the key to survival. Continually researching and developing new products.


Aviation & aerospace safety and flotation

Marine Survival & Rescue Equipment

Flexible Tanks & inflatable Flotation Systems

RF Welding & HA Sealing Services