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Inflation and Flotation, Flexible Containment, Industrial Sewn & Welded, R&D and Prototyping

Flexible Containment

our expertise in process and material selection will help you to achieve successful fabrication products Require Strong Seams for Containment & Enclosure

Inflation and Flotation

include everything from Lifesaving, fluid bags to inflatable bladders for flotation devices, lifting bags, fenders, Inflatable Collars, Holders and all types of airtight structures

Industrial Sewn & Welded

industrial sewing with welded or sealed processes on products include full service cutting in addition to welding and sewing for seams, edges and reinforcement areas on a product

Our R&D and Prototyping services

our expertise in process and material selection will help you to achieve successful fabrication products Require Strong Seams for Containment & Enclosure 

Conceptualization Prototyping Production

We make custom products for many of our customers and we can do the same for you. We can work with you to design and manufacture just about anything you need

ARASH SHATIN startup ecosystem

Our newest achievements 

1. Inflation and Flotation

1.1 Aviation & aerospace

1.1.1 Airplane Inflatable Life Preserver

1.1.2 Flotation Device for Paraglider and Paramotor

1.1.3 Helicopter & Airplane Life Raft (Life Boat)

1.1.4 Pilot Life Preserver and accessories

1.2 Marine Survival & Rescue

1.2.1 Marine Life-saving & Flotation Devices

1.2.2 Lifeguard and Touristic swimming and Life-saving

1.3 Inflatable Flotation Systems

1.3.1 Lifting Bags

Inflatable buoyancy airbags, floating airbag, or salvage airbag, a lifting bag is a diving equipment used in aquatic environment to lift heavy loads.
The underwater lift bags help you in your technical lifting submarine operations. With success and safety you can lifting heavy loads since great depths to the surface..
Closed underwater lift bag 
They are available for capacities ranging from 500 to 10,000 kg. They have a supply valve, handling handles and a pressure relief valve. We have a balancing sleeve in the lower part of the Closed underwater Parachutes to prevent risks. In order to obtain a better distribution of the loads, it is necessary to use a spreader bar.
Open underwater lift bag (parachutes)
Open underwater Parachutes are available for capacities ranging from 100 to 30,000 kg. They are equipped with High Resistance straps which ensure a safety coefficient of at least 4 for the structure. Up to 100 Kg, the open underwater lifting bags have a valve in the upper part. From 500 Kg and above, they have a pressure relief valve in the upper part which is controlled in the lower part. It allows a permanent control of the movements of the parachute.

1.3.2 Inflatable Collars, Holders and Flotations

1.4 Touristic, Sports & Entertainment

2. Flexible Containment

2.1 Firefighting

2.2 Flexible pools& tanks

3. Industrial Sewn and Welded

3.1 Protections


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