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Welcome to our startup ecosystem page

Arash Shatin startup ecosystem is a creative quality provider of RF welding and HA sealing services used to manufacture a variety of products. We offer several innovative welding and sealing processes and finishing options that provide optimum functionality in the design, manufacturing process, and logistics of your products. Our services are used to form an impenetrable bond that weld flexible materials together to create air, gas, and liquid leak-proof seams. Arash Shatin offers a variety of sealing methods that combine materials for connecting oversized panels, and to weld materials together for many types of products. Our main products include a variety of inflatable equipment for Survival & Rescue and Flotation Systems and also, we work on Flexible Tanks, protecting covers, and Firefighting Baskets. Since our establishment, we have been working hard on technological improvement. We believe that quality is the key to survival. Continually researching and developing new products.

®Inflation and Flotation

RF welding is one the most reliable methods of sealing polymer materials for the fabrication of leak-proof, airtight inflatable products. Because of the attributes derived from a welded seam on pliable materials, the potential applications include everything from Lifesaving, fluid bags to inflatable bladders for flotation devices. RF welding or heat sealing are the preferred methods for the construction of most inflatable products as a result of the strong seal that is created when bonding the materials. They are used primarily in the industrial and medical industries because of the need for a durable air-tight, leak-proof port and seam seal that allows for proper inflation and containment.

—Aviation & Aerospace

—Airplane Inflatable Life Preserver

Single Cell inflatable Vest

®Flexible Containment

A high percentage of heat-sealed products require proper air or fluid containment measures in their fabrication. The factors that dictate which process will work best are: the intended function, the size and/or configuration, and to a lesser degree, the material(s) used. Most products begin as a concept that will satisfy a need or serve as a solution to a problem. Once the heat-sealing process is determined to ensure the functionality of a containment product, our expertise in process and material selection will help you to achieve successful fabrication.

Products Require Strong Seams for Containment & Enclosure

Radio frequency welding and heat sealing are the strongest and most secure methods of containing the contents inside a flexible product. Radio frequency sealing provides a high integrity bond to counter the stresses inherent in products that are designed to contain and control the contents. RF welding is a bonding process that creates air- or liquid-tight seams for containment products.

All directly related factors are taken into account when seam construction and configuration are determined. In some products, the tensile strength of the seam may be as important as—or even more important than—air or fluid containment. The focus for proper containment is to determine the best functionality requirement of the product. Contract Manufacturing of Containment Products That are Used in Many Industries.

Industrial Sewn & Welded

At Arash Shatin, we routinely combine industrial sewing with welded or sealed processes on products. Sewn and welded services include full service cutting in addition to RF welding and sewing for seams, edges, and reinforcement areas on a product. Many times, in custom fabrication of a product the application requires a tube or cylindrical construction for inflation properties that are best produced with welded seams.

When your business has a substantial investment in equipment and other resources, you want to protect them. Arash Shatin manufactures protective covers and products designed to protect against the elements, contamination, or damage. For example, this blue protective cover was designed to cover an expensive custom assembly line in an older building. The application had a specific requirement and Arash Shatin custom-designed the protective cover to fit that need. Custom tarpaulins are used in a variety of protective applications. Welded seams are used to create size and configuration for a specific use. Tooling dies are used in rf welding for adding RF Welding and Heat Sealing Provide Protective Solutions for Businesses. For more information about the industrial curtain, products visit our website at www.arashshatin.ir

R&D and Prototyping

We listen to each of our partners to develop creative solutions. We have years of experience that we would love to share with you to help you refine and enhance your idea. Working with us will help you reduce development costs & mistakes, decrease your time to market, and ensure that you ultimately end up with the product that you want and that you can be confident in.

Our product development lifecycle looks a little bit like this:

  1. Ideation / Conceptualization
  2. Prototyping
  3. Review & Refinement
  4. Right Start
  5. Production
  6. Fulfilment

We support our partners at each step of the process. Each partner has access to all of our knowledge, resources, and experience. Our goal at the end of the process is to build a relationship that enables growth for both of us.
If you’d like to learn more about working with us to develop your idea, please give us a call or send us a quick email using the form below. We look forward to helping you turn your idea into reality!