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Arash Shatin Company is a professional designer and manufacturer of Aviation Safety, Survival & Rescue Equipment, Flexible Tanks, Flotation Systems and Firefighting Baskets. Our main products include variety of inflatable life jackets and lifesaving equipment and also several type of inflatable devices for Survival & Rescue Equipment & Flotation Systems and also we work on Flexible Tanks and Firefighting Baskets. Our Lifesaving products meet the Iranian ICS standard, with some models having CE approvals by GTS report.Since our establishment, we have been working hard on technological improvement. Regarding the market as our chief guide, and management as our source of efficiency, we believe that quality is our key to survival. Continually researching and developing new products, we are now developing new series of lifesaving equipment.

Arash Shatin Name History

Arash Kamangir is one of the ancient Iranian myths and also the name of the main character of these myths.
The myth of Arash Kamangir is one of the stories that have come from the Avesta and have been honored in the Shahnameh of Arash in three places, but the story of Arash was not mentioned in Shahnameh. [1] [First Hand Research] in Pahlavi Books and in the Books of Islamic History It has been mentioned. In his book, Ayar-al-Baqiyah, describing the “Tirgan Celebration”, Abūrīān Āīrīānī recounts the story of Arash and the origins of this celebration from Arash’s saga. In Avesta, Arash has been called Arshessh and its meaning has also been mentioned by some people: from those “bright and bright”, “strong forearm” and “God is the fastest beast”. In Avesta, the best shooter is Erkhhhh, which is supposed to be the same Arash. Some mean Arash to be brilliant. And some believe Arash was the ruler of the Gorgan Party, which forcibly pushed the enemy (most likely the Scythians) from the Iranian border.
Arash in the culture of Dehkhoda
The name of the archer’s fortress from the Manuchehr Division. At the end of his rule, Manouchehr was forced to wage war with the ruler of Turan, Afrasiab. First, Afrasiab was dominated and Manuchehr was sheltered to Mazandaran, but then they decided to expand Iranian prowess and, where the archer should descend the boundary between Iran and Turan, Arash would call the name of the Pahlavan of Iran from the peak of Damavand Thierry, which ran from dawn to noon. Gihon descended and Gihon became known. In Avesta, the best shooter is called “Arkh Sah” and it is believed that the term is Arash. Tabari calls this archer “Arash Shatin” , and Noldeki guesses that this word is an austerite word “shredding”, meaning “God is the accelerating beam,” which is an adjective or an archetype. And the other side of the earth (Esfandaramz) beamed the arrows and arched and said that the beam is far away, but whoever throws it instead of dying. And Arash, with this awareness, waved his heart and darted for the sake of the expansion of the border of Iran, as we said, to blow up and die. (From the history of ancient Iran, Hassan Pirnia):
Because the work of the ceiling and the cord is appreciated
From the pocket of the wrench, the key will be thrown
Arash Gohar Wali Chou returns fortune
In the quest for a full archer (Khosravi)
Say that Arash is the archangel
Who pulled out a shot from Amol
Do not worry, do not ride Arash
You have gone through the oyster with Sari (Weiss and Ramin)
And Afrasyab brought the Takhtians, and Manuchehr sent Zal many times to accept them from Jyhun Zanzor, then one Afrzayyab way with an infantry army, and how many years Manuchehr was fenced off. Tabarestan and Sam and Zal were absent, and eventually fell to the beam Drop Arash and the castle of Amol with the Aqaba mercenaries, and that border is called Turan. (Summary).
Arash story
During the reign of Manouchehr Pishdadi, during the war with Turan, Afrasiab besieged Iran’s troops in Mazandaran. Finally, Manouchehr will offer peace and the Turanians will accept the offer of reconciliation, and they will lay down an Iranian archery over Alborzkouh, where the beam will be wherever there, to be the border between Iran and Turan. Arash volunteers from Iran. It goes down Damavand and throws the beam. * [2] The beam moves from morning to evening, and flows down the Jahun or Amu Darya River on a peanut tree. And there, the border between Iran and Turan becomes. * [3] After this shooting Arash dies of fatigue. Arash smashes his being behind the shot; his body is ripped off and spread on Iran’s soil, and his life blows in the beam. According to some narrations, Esfandaramz arranged arrows and arrows and said that the beam is far away, but anyone who uses it will die. Arash, however, offered to use the bow and arrow for sacrifice.
Many consider Arash as unmatched in the myths of the world; he is a symbol of devotion to the homeland.
Arash in Contemporary Literature
* Persian poet Siavash Kasraei has a poem called Arash Kamangir with the subject of Arash.
* Turan Shahriari, the lady of Iranian poet, also has a poem called Arash and Tirgan.

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