- About Us

Arash Shatin Company is one of Iranian knowledge-based companies supported by Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INEF). In was founded at Semnan Science and Technology Park, a nonprofit organization dedicated support of knowledge-based companies in Iran, Shahrood.  Furthermore, the company is a professional designer and manufacturer of aviation safety, survival & rescue equipment, flexible tanks, flotation systems, firefighting baskets and also type of inflatable and flexible containment products. Our Lifesaving products meet the Iranian ICS standard, with some models having CE approvals by GTS report.

Since our establishment, we have been working hard on technological improvement. Regarding the market as our chief guide, and management as our source of efficiency, we believe that quality is our key to survival. Continually researching and developing new products, we are now developing new series of lifesaving equipment.

- About CEO

– Smart portable cryotherapy system involving controlled thermoelectric cooling modules for medical applications, publication date May 1, 2018 publication description IIUM Engineering Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2018
– Acceleration sensors and special application at Robotics [Territorial Congress on Mechatronic and Robotics, Islamic Azad University of Iran, 2011]
– Helicopter firefighting bucket Using of pneumatic steering technique for draining and dewatering in the inflatable nozzle and Flexible structure with enhanced HF&HA welding connections, Patent date Issued December 26, 2020 Patent issuer and number IR103251
– Lifeguard inflatable backpack and double C shape lifesaving combined system, Patent date Issued Jan 6, 2018 Patent issuer and number IR94593
– Hand-held portable and auto inflatable flotation system by the ability to rescue collectively by increasing the effective area, Patent date Issued Jun 19, 2017 Patent issuer and number IR92544
– Pilot SOS Tracker holder, Patent date Issued Sep 2016 Patent issuer and number IR 89639
– Inflatable Life preserver Swimsuit, Patent date Issued Nov 13, 2012 Patent issuer and number IR77554
– Smart Cryotherapy Active System by Controlling Thermoelectric Cooling Modules, Patent date Issued Oct 24, 2012 Patent issuer and number IR 77326
– Smallest Device of Military Lifesaving, Patent date Issued Nov 2, 2011 Patent issuer and number IR77326
– Design and manufacture new Hot water heater system with using coupling and save energy, Patent date Issued Mar 5, 2011 Patent issuer and number IR69399
– Rescue Belt (inflatable Π shape and connectable together), Patent date Issued Jun 3, 2009 Patent issuer and number IR 59372
Honors & Awards:
– A bronze medal in IFIA INV invention competition 2021
– 1st place at Festival of innovations and inventions Semnan, Iran, Sep 2018 honor issuer Iran’s elite National Foundation
– Selected as a researcher and young elite of the city of Nour City-Young Day, Apr 2018 honor issuer Department of Culture, Nour City
– Top Employer of Semnan Province, Feb 2018 honor issuer Seaman Province’s Top Entrepreneur Festival
– 1st place at Technology festival in Semnan province, Dec 2016 honor issuer Science and Technology Park in Semnan province
– 2nd place at Technology festival in Semnan province, Dec 2015 honor issuer Science and Technology Park in Semnan province
– Statues of 4nd International Shiraz festival of Inventors-Medical Engineering, Apr 2014
– Young Elected from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports honor date Jun 2012
– Top Inventor in Congress for the appreciation of the region top scholars honor date Mar 2012
– A top expert in research Department of Islamic Azad University of Iran honor date Jan 2012
– 1st place at science and technology in the second regional festival and exhibition in Mazandaran province in 2011.