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We make custom products for many of our customers and we can do the same for you. We can work with you to design and manufacture just about anything you need.

We are a knowledge-based manufacturer Company with the ability to Design/Invent, Re-engineering all types of airtight and inflatable and flexible equipment based on thermoplastic materials with radio frequency welding, hot air heat sealing, and commercial sewing technology.

Arash Shatin startup ecosystem is a creative quality provider of RF welding and HA sealing services used to manufacture a variety of products. We offer several innovative welding and sealing processes and finishing options that provide optimum functionality in the design, manufacturing process, and logistics of your products.
Our services are used to form an impenetrable bond that weld flexible materials together to create air, gas, and liquid leak-proof seams. Arash Shatin offers a variety of sealing methods that combine materials for connecting oversized panels, and to weld materials together for many types of products.

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