Flexible Water and Gasoline Tank” Pillow Model”

The RIB Kit inflatable gives/adds positive buoyancy to the Personal Water craft and changes the ski to a virtually unsinkable craft. The inflatable tapered sponson RIB kit creates a super stable stationary platform and approx. 32% of added deck space. Ski rental activities give the Personal Watercraft an added inflatable safety bumper when riding near swimmers or other boats nearby. The RIB Kit will fit almost all personal watercraft skis.


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Flexible Water and Gasoline Tank” Pillow Model”

Model: IRN-NUR-G-T1

Part Number: IRN-GT1

Product Description:

It can be used to store Industrial water, Fire water, Firefighting, Rainwater harvesting, Irrigation water, Humanitarian, Concrete mixing water, Drinking water, Slope green water, Sewage water storage and Oil well cementing.


Pillow Tanks range in size from 250 liters to 500,000 liters and are ideal for storage requirements including:

Emergency Drinking Water Storage, Home Storage, Hospital Drinking Water Supply, Construction Site Water Storage, Military Operations, Remote Area Storage.

Additional information

Weight 1900 g


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